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Barangay Sa Holland X-Mas Party

(Awarding Night)


When:   Saturday Dec. 12, 2009

Where:  Willinklaan 3-5              

             1067 SL A'DAM               

Time:    18:00 hr. / 01:00 hr.                                

Ticket:  Adults €15,-                                        

             Kids below 12 FREE!                                     

(Diner included +1 Drink)   

Direction: Bus 19 Sloterdijk

                 21 & 192 CS A'dam/SPL

                 Tram 13    


E. Dalusong 06-17965976

V. Rulloda 06-22647555

L. v. Elleswijk 06-14887360

M. Marfil 06-12554555

A. Sarceno 06-81322103  

R. De Guzman 06-41402747                     

Welcome back!

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Welcome back everyone!

We hope you all have  a well rested holiday.

See you all Sunday! (11-01-2009)




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BSH opens door this coming Sunday Sept. 13, 2009

We welcome each & everyone of you to come & join us.

Bring your team spirits & be supportive.



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The Philippine Independence Picnic has long been in the annual agenda of the inherently sociable Filipino Community. Since 1988 more and more picnickers throng year in, year out to a park called Spaarnwoude where the atmosphere is somewhat synonymous to freedom (free air and free social mobility).

What started 21 years ago as a simple barbecue get-together of Barangay sa Holland (BSH), the United Filipino Dutch Association (UFDA), Filipino Sports Club in The Hague, and in the later years: Samahan through Munting Nayon, the Picnic has evolved into a more elaborate event that nowadays requires meticulous planning. Can you imagine how intricate it will become if organizational costs and the number of picnickers grow by the thousands each year. Add to these the ever-increasing demands of various government agencies like park management, health agencies, police, fire department, and the municipal government.

There can be one easy answer to these complexities: stop the event, but it will surely be much to the chagrin of the entire community and organizers alike. And cancellation was not an option either among the officers and members of BSH and UFDA. The determination was evident so as not to disappoint the expectations of the Filipino Community. They will not bend their knees just because the going gets rough. “Bayanihan” (helping one another) has also encouraged them to go on.

If the idea of stopping or maintaining the status quo is not an option, then the necessity for a restructured organization that manages the event becomes more obvious. Hence a new foundation which is aimed at enhancing transparency, quality, efficiency, and accountability has been conceived and proposed to a coalition group. Although the public desire to form a foundation existed more than 10 years ago, it was only on February 17, 2009 that the first written proposal was laid out.

It became more far-reaching than first thought as the proposed foundation embraces an important mission, a noble one: to give affordable financial assistance to the less-fortunate “Kababayan” (compatriots) or to duly recognized charitable institutions in the Philippines.

Kalayaan Fiesta Foundation in The Netherlands (KFFN) is born and now registered with KvK number 34341623. (“Kalayaan” is Filipino word which means independence or freedom.)

Today you are witnessing a new concept and a new beginning and that is: celebrating “Kalayaan Fiesta” for a good cause. So with your support, dear friends and members of our community, there is

no turning back!

On behalf of KFFN, we thank you and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

The Executive Board:............................ The Supervisory Board:

Jimmy Muñoz, (UFDA), Chairman................ Jun Ortega (Independent), Chairman

Mildred Marfil (Barangay), Treasurer............ Ading Abania (UFDA), Auditor 1

Zaldy Manalo (UFDA), Secretary...................Mila David (Barangay), Auditor 2

Kalayaan Fiesta 2009 Committee Officials:

Nhelley de la Rosa (Emcee & Cultural Program)............... Lany Elleswijk (Facility Management)

Mary Ann Morales (Emcee) .......................................Erning Dalusong (Human Resources)

Jerry Alvarez (Cultural Program).................................Alex Mejino (Finance)

Boy Balmaceda (Sports)...........................................Ver Rulloda (Traffic & Security)


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Praises from every corner of Spaarnwoude reverberated the whole day. "It was excellent", said a cultural mogul. Even the Philippine Ambassador Romeo Arguelles and Burgemeester Bruijn of Haarlemmerliede & Spaarnwoude were so spontaneous in saying: "the event was very well organized, no doubt." As evidence, a preliminary review of Kalayaan Fiesta 2009 Survey showed GOOD AND EXCELLENT in almost all categories: the people, the program, the venue, the organization. Even some interviewees went as far as: "this is the best Independence Day Picnic we have ever experienced here." Add to this the attendance and the number of cars which were more than the previous years. Even the Commission (from different government agencies) whose members actively monitored the event was very positive in its evaluation.

Despite the rough seas they have encountered during preparations, the organizers were jubilant and these include the emcees, the officers, the volunteers, and the performers. Also thanks to the generosity and wonderful support of sponsors and donors, Kalayaan Fiesta 2009 can now be described as an event that passes with flying colors. What a surprise indeed when Mr. Bas Van Dijk of Boracay View Resort let the emcees Nhelley de la Rosa and Mary Ann Morales announce that an approximately 170 sq.meter-lot in said resort would be drawn in a sort raffle for free. Yes, for free!!! A lucky winner, the toilet in-charge, was made known at the end of the program. And what a surprise-talent Kalayaan Fiesta had! A major sponsor, Mr. Rene Meijer of Sunro Exchange has captivated the picnickers with his songs. Another major sponsor, Western Union has spoiled so many people with so many giveaways.

The emcees did superb job. They were so professional, so lively. And these emcees are the best singers, having won the grand finals of SoundMix show which was the most popular singing contest on tv in the 90's. They do have different styles of emceeing, but what a chemistry they have produced! Together as emcees, they are truly ideal.

Young and new talents have won audience admiration as well. From beginning to end, the program had no dull moment at all, thanks to excellent coordination of Nhelly, Mary Ann, Jerry, and Cheng.

Last but not least......and very important: the cooperation and enthusiasm of picnickers were beyond the organizers' expectations. They truly deserve "THANK YOU VERY MUCH".

(Jun Ortega)


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Magbihis na kayo nang pinakamaganda

At kayong lahat ay sa amin sumama

Bakit? Saan ba?....tayo pupunta?

Sa KALAYAAN at tayo’y mamiesta.

Tayo na sa KALAYAAN

At doon tayo’y magdiwang

Sa parke na kung tawagin


At doon tayo’y kumanta ng iba’t ibang uri ng awitin

(2 x ) Kaya’t magmadali na

At tayo’y tutuloy na



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The day started real hectic for BSH officers & committees. We made plans & arrangement long before this day but still everyone is busy with the preparation to make this night a successfull one.

The night started with the opening speech of BSH president Mr. Ernesto Dalusong welcoming everybody & all the participating teams. Also giving thanks to all sponsors who helped BSH to make this night a success.

(Sponsors in alphabetical order:)

Del Rosario door to door

Dolly's Grocery


BSH dancers entertained us with 2 modern dance acts. A karaoke contest was held & the 1st prize trophee went to Mr. Mercado. The evening was filled with good food, good music & most important good mood. Everybody was enjoying their selves either dancing or just hanging around talking with friends.

Later that evening Mr. Joey Cortez announced the BSH Basketball Winners for 2008.

The BSH Basketball Champion Trophee of 2008 went to:


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Hygieneadviezen Filipijnse Independence Day Picnic

Zaterdag 6 juni 2009

Gaat u zaterdag 6 juni naar de Filippijnse Independence Day Picnic en neemt u zelf eten mee?

Lees dan deze tips goed door om te voorkomen dat u ziek wordt van het eten.



Zorg voor een goede hygiëne tijdens het klaarmaken van het eten:

  • goed de handen wassen
  • gebruik een aparte snijplank/mes voor het snijden van rauw   vlees/kip zodat bacteriën van de kip niet op andere gerechten kunnen komen
  • Boodschappen doen
  •  Koop de ingrediënten zo kort mogelijk van tevoren.
  •  Let op de houdbaarheidsdatum.
  •  Neem bederfelijke producten in een koeltas mee naar huis.
  •  Gebruik zo min mogelijk bederfelijke producten.


  • Bewaar alle bederfelijke ingrediënten in de koelkast (maximaal 7ºC)
  • Warm eten klaarmaken
  • Verhit vlees, vis, pluimvee en ei-gerechten goed tot in de kern, het mag dus niet meer rauw zijn van binnen.
  • Overige gerechten moeten goed gaar worden gemaakt.
  • Kook in kleine pannen. Anders duurt het te lang voordat het eten warm wordt en ook te lang als u het wilt laten afkoelen en bewaren tot de volgende dag.
  • Koud eten klaarmaken
  • Laat koude (bederfelijke) producten zo kort mogelijk buiten de koeling staan.
  • Als u veel eten klaar maakt, zorg dan dat u het in porties klaar maakt en zo snel mogelijk weer in de koelkast zet.
  • Bewaren van eten
  • Als u een dag van tevoren het eten klaar maakt moet u het in de koelkast bewaren totdat u naar de picnic gaat. Anders krijgen bacteriën de kans om te groeien en kunt u er ziek van worden.
  • Warm eten moet na het koken zo snel mogelijk worden teruggekoeld en in de koelkast worden gezet (ongeveer een half uur nadat het klaar is). Dit geldt voor vlees/kip maar ook voor rijst, groenten, etc.
  • Koud eten moet zo snel mogelijk na het klaar maken weer in de koelkast worden gezet.
  • Bewaar klaargemaakt eten buiten de koelkast, hier kunt u ziek van worden!
  • Vervoer naar het picnic terrein
  • Als u warm eten meeneemt naar de picnic, zorg dan dat het boven de 60ºC blijft (bijv. in een geïsoleerde box).
  • Als u koud eten meeneemt naar de picnic, zorg dan dat het zo koud mogelijk blijft (bijv. met ijs in een box).


  • Zorg dat u het eten binnen 2 uur nadat u van huis bent gegaan op heeft gegeten. Als u het eten in een geisoleerde box voldoende warm of koud heeft gehouden adviseren wij u het eten binnen 2 uur na aanvang van de picnic heeft opgegeten.

Veel plezier!

Manny Pacquiao KOs Ricky Hatton in second round

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Manny Pacquiao KOs Ricky Hatton in second round



Manny Pacquiao showed why he is considered the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world!

The Filipino boxing sensation stopped Britain’s Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton in the second round to claim the IBO light-welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday (Sunday morning in Manila).

The 30-year-old southpaw knocked the Briton down twice in the first round and finished off Hatton with a powerful left hand to the head that sent him flat on his back in the middle of the ring.

It’s hard to believe but Pacman just demolished ‘The Hitman’. The fight was shorter than we thought but far more exciting.



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